Swiss Perfect Breitling Fake Watches On A Special Mission

More and more best US replica watches brands attribute a charitable or environmental vocation to some of their models.

The motto of engineers in the French army is: “Sometimes destroy, often build, always serve. “In this haughty spirit, high quality fake watches making has set itself for several years an objective which could be summed up as follows:” Indicate the time and, if possible, serve a good cause. Perhaps the most prominent example is the Only Watch event. Since 2005, this 1:1 top replica watches auction has been organized every two years by Luc Pettavino for the benefit of research into myopathies. The ninth edition, held in Geneva on November 9, brought in 30 million Swiss francs (nearly 29 million euros) thanks to the auction of unique pieces offered by 54 watchmaking houses. This year, the record was set by a Patek Philippe desk clock with a new patented mechanism, a perpetual calendar and a 31-day power reserve, which was sold for the sum of 9.5 million Swiss francs (9 , 1 million euros). Enough to greatly promote medical research.

In the same vein, the annual Pink October communication campaign, intended to raise awareness among women about breast cancer screening and to raise funds for the scientists involved in this fight, finds allies in the watchmaking world. This year, for example, Jacques Bianchi produced a special series of his JB 200 cheap Swiss made copy watches bearing on the dial his traditional silhouette of a diver, not white as usual, but pink.

Replica Breitling Superocean Premiers De Cordée Watches

Breitling replica watches for sale, for its part, has decided to join the Premiers de Cordée. Each year, this French association introduces nearly 8,000 sick or disabled children to sport, thanks to 150 volunteers. A charity dinner and a charity auction organized in October under the patronage of the brand raised 240,000 euros. In addition, a large portion of the proceeds from sales of limited edition luxury fake Breitling Superocean watches goes to the association.

In terms of environmental protection, if Rolex or Blancpain super clone watches wholesale online participate directly in the financing of scientific programs, other companies, such as Oris or Alpina, allocate a percentage of the sales of certain models to organizations. research and preservation. In Japan, Grand Seiko signed an agreement with Iwate Prefecture to help maintain and protect the natural environment of the Shizukuishi factory. Its ambition: to ensure the long-term future health of local white birch forests.

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