Sally Fitzgibbons: The Launch Of High Quality Breitling Superocean Replica Watches And Its Relationship With The Sea

The collections of the Swiss watchmaker Breitling are inspired by air, sea and land activities, which are translated into pieces with a retro-modern aesthetic with a seal of informal, inclusive and sustainable luxury. The renewed AAA US replica Breitling Superocean collection watches, originally launched in the 1960s as diving tool watches, has been rethought to offer pieces that adapt to contemporary needs and lifestyles, while maintaining nods to the original design. More than diving watches, the new perfect Breitling Superocean fake watches –available in four sizes and three case metal options– are timepieces that express their users’ bond with the sea and all the possibilities that it offers us.

Sally Fitzgibbons, the Australian surfer, is part of the brand’s Surfers Squad and one of the most respected female voices in her sport. To talk about this launch, her career, her challenges and her relationship with the sea, ELLE interviewed her exclusively.

ELLE: What does it mean to you to have been chosen and to be part of the Breitling Surfer Squad?

Sally Fitzgibbons (S.F.): I look for environments where there are people with a similar mentality to me, who seek to be their best versions and who are always challenging their own limits to see how they can evolve and grow. This vision applies to the brands I associate with. Swiss movements Breitling replica watches and her Surfer Squad share these values, creating a natural connection between us. It’s really empowering to be on a mission with this squad.

ELLE: Part of the Breitling Surfer Squad’s mission is to raise awareness about beach and ocean conservation. What are those small actions that we can take to make a difference and contribute our grain of sand?

S.F.: Treating the environments in which we live with respect and leaving them a little better than when we arrived is very important. The ocean is a natural wonder and the Surfer Squad’s mission is to amplify our voice along with cheap Breitling copy watches and the Ocean Conservancy to ride the wave of change and impact people’s misconceptions about where their trash ends up in the ocean. and how that is affecting the species that live in it. Cleaning the beaches when you visit them – taking your trash and some more you see – and developing sustainable products from recycled ocean trash – as businesses like top replica Breitling watches are doing – are some of the ways we can contribute to this powerful wave of change.

ELLE: How does it feel to be an inspiration to more women who seek to break many stereotypes and dedicate themselves to doing what they are passionate about?

S.F.: It is empowering to know that I am in a position where I am seen playing a role that was not always available, much less promoted among young girls. That they have this visual reference in our generation can play a very important role in the development of their dreams and passions and be a cornerstone for them to achieve when they are older. Starting in such a small minority and overcoming all the odds has built my confidence over the years, as does being in an environment that motivates me to continue to improve and reach higher levels of performance in my craft.

ELLE: What do you think about the pressure that high performance athletes are often subjected to?

S.F.: It is always said that pressure is a privilege in high-performance sports. That’s true when it comes to finding those growth and acceleration opportunities to reach a higher level of performance within you. However, the drawbacks of always being exposed to such a high level of pressure can be overwhelming. Adrenal fatigue and mental fissures, as well as the effects on your confidence and direction, can begin to show. Learning to read the signs and developing a proactive approach rather than a reactive one can help alleviate shock and burnout. Emphasizing the cost of being continually exposed to these environments allows you to make it a priority to give back to your body and mind as much as you require them to give, so you can have a long-term sustainable career and life.

ELLE: What is your secret to maintain your level of competitiveness in your discipline and at the same time continue to enjoy what you do?

S.F.: There is definitely no secret or magic trick to keep our commitment to our most ambitious and noble goals. It is often hard, exhausting, monotonous and overwhelming, but the satisfaction of overcoming any internal or external storm is so wonderful that one continues to strive. Knowing that one has been able to mold a body and a mind that have not been knocked down when the going got tough and that your spirit came out intact is something incredible. That’s where true confidence and conviction come from. There are no tricks, we just have to go into the most chilling places and experience them for ourselves.

ELLE: How would you define your relationship with the sea?

S.F.: The ocean is like a best friend. He’s always there for me no matter what my mood is and I’m always there for him no matter what his mood is. There is no judgment in the water, just acceptance of what is in each moment and authentic expressions when you are gliding on the waves.

ELLE: The aesthetic of surfing is closely linked to a cultural movement of the 60s and 70s. It was precisely at this time that the original 1:1 fake Breitling SuperOcean watches was designed. What are your favorite details of this renewed model?

S.F.: When you wear the new luxury Breitling Superocean super clone watches you don’t just see a beautiful piece, you are connected to a bigger story. I feel empowered knowing that I am connected to the origins of that era and to the Surfer Squad. The style of the strap and the confidence it gives me knowing that it will stay on my wrist in any situation that may arise while out at sea is one of my favorite details, along with the new colors that give it a very pop look.

ELLE: What is your best advice for someone who wants to surf for the first time?

S.F.: Outside your comfort zone is where the fun and growth happens. It is not just about the challenge of acquiring a new skill, but about being present and connecting with the ocean and its way of moving.

ELLE: What is the most special memory you have about the waves?

S.F.: The waves have been a constant throughout my life and I can take refuge in them regardless of the highs or lows that I am going through in my life; They reflect exactly what I need at any given moment.

ELLE: If you could design your own best Breitling SuperOcean replica watches, what features would it have?

S.F.: Exactly as it is today, with a sleek and bright design, great color combinations and the confidence that it will withstand the power of the ocean and my training environments. I would also have a competition version, to which I would add a small digital box on the dial, to know exactly how much time I have left for my warm-ups and training.

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